Client Stories

Knowing that you could do with some help around the house with daily tasks is the first step, but not all of us will fit into a specific category or service. We tailor each package to suit you, ensuring we always leave your assistant time for a cuppa and a chat!

We’ve put together some examples and approximate costs to give you an idea of what you can expect.

Mary’s Story

Mary has enjoyed a very full and active retirement so far but had started to become a little less confident with going out alone to do her shopping. She doesn’t have access to the internet and her family can only visit about once a month as they live so far away.

After careful consideration, Mary decided that she would still like to shop for herself if she had some company to help her to get out and about and to prepare meals.

Following our Take Five Steps Mary called us to discuss her situation.  Now she has regular help with her shopping and meals. Most importantly, her confidence is returning, and she still has her independence (with just a little help!)

How We Help

Over a cuppa every Monday, Mary’s assistant helps her plan her meals for the week ahead. They travel by bus to the local supermarket to do the grocery shopping, come home and pack it away together and prepare dinner. On a Wednesday and Friday, they have time to chat while preparing meals for the days ahead together.

Which services: Companionship,  Meal PreparationTransport & Support

How often: Monday 1.5 hours, Wednesday 1 hour, Friday 1 hour.

Sidney’s Story

Widowed three years ago, Sid now lives alone. He struggles to find the motivation for cleaning and generally looking after himself and has let things get on top of him a bit. He thought about having a cleaner before but finds it hard to relax thinking about what might happen to his prized ‘collections’ with a stranger in the house.

Whenever his daughter visits, she spends most of the time tidying, running the vacuum around and washing up before she needs to leave. Realising how the time with her could be better spent, Sid and his daughter agreed that help was needed, and they contacted us. Following our Take Five Steps strategy, a gentle introduction meant that we were able to help Sid at a pace that suited him. Now when his daughter visit at the weekends, they get quality time together.

How We Help

We started by visiting just once a week for an hour for general cleaning. Over several weeks, making friends with Sid during numerous cuppas has given his assistant the chance to build the trust needed to start to clear out some of his ‘collections’. Over the next few weeks, adding the odd half hour to visits where we needed was all it took to get Sid tidy. He now takes more pride in his home and personal appearance and a 1 -2 hour visit every Friday ensures his home is clean & tidy and ready for any weekend visitors!

Which service: Cleaning & Housekeeping

How often: 1-2 hours weekly

Grace’s Story

Spirited for her advancing years, Grace has started to become forgetful which has shaken her confidence a little. Her daughter lives close by and sees her every morning and evening, before and after work. There have been a few times where Grace has been confused and upset during the evening visit after being alone all day.

When her daughter’s family were due to go away on holiday last year, they decided to try Grace in a respite care home for a week. Although she enjoyed the company very much, being in unfamiliar surroundings did not agree with her and she could not wait to get home!

How We Help

We visit every day for an hour around midday to help with lunch and for general company. Grace has two regular assistants in rotation that have grown to understand how much support she needs and to give her the encouragement and prompting to stay as independent as possible. On good days, it is helping with a bit of cleaning or washing, or even just a wordsearch and a cuppa together after lunch.

When her family need time away, we fill in the gaps and visit three times daily aiming to keep routine at the centre of our support.

Which service: CompanionshipCleaning & Housekeeping, Sitting Service

How often: 7 hours weekly

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