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Our accompanied transportation and companion driving services are for anyone who is unable to get from A to B alone. Offering you independence and peace of mind, enabling you to get out, have fun, and add some zing into your everyday living. From assisting you with local public transport, through to delivering you safely by car to a family meal, we have it covered.

Our special transport and support service also provides assistance in and out of the vehicle, going to appointments, shopping and accompanying you on outings. Special needs can be catered for including assistance with a walker or wheelchair.

Transportation is often incorporated as part of our companionship service and can add that extra bit of freedom, helping you to live your life to the fullest.

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Transport & Support Pricing


We believe that our clients should never feel unsure about financial commitments and should always be able to simply understand what they are paying for. By having a clear and transparent pricing policy, along with easy to read invoicing and payment options, you are guaranteed peace of mind.

We do not hide any fees. While each client package is individual, it is put together based on our standard rates giving our clients confidence they have made the right choice with Take Five Homecare. This is a commitment to you that we will never change.

Bespoke Packages

Each of our client’s support packages are developed to suit their needs. What works for one, may not be suitable for the next.  The packages detailed above are based on a cross section of enquires and will be tailored to suit your wishes.

Read Mary's Story

Mary has enjoyed a very full and active retirement so far but had started to become a little less confident with going out alone to do her shopping. She doesn’t have access to the internet and her family can only visit about once a month as they live so far away.

After careful consideration, Mary decided that she would still like to shop for herself if she had some company to help her to get out and about and to prepare meals.

Read Sidney's Story

Widowed three years ago, Sid now lives alone. He struggles to find the motivation for cleaning and generally looking after himself and has let things get on top of him a bit. He thought about having a cleaner before but finds it hard to relax thinking about what might happen to his prized collections with a stranger in the house.

Whenever his daughter visits, she spends most of the time tidying, running the vacuum around and washing up before she needs to leave.

Read Grace's Story

Spirited for her advancing years, Grace has started to become forgetful which has shaken her confidence a little. Her daughter lives close by and sees her every morning and evening, before and after work. There have been a few times where Grace has been confused and upset during the evening visit after being alone all day.

When her daughter’s family were due to go away on holiday last year, they decided to try Edith in a respite care home for a week.

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